Parish Ministries

Welcome to St. Margaret Mary Parish!

Does our duty as Catholics end with regular attendance at Sunday mass or is there more to the experience and practice of our faith?  

Certainly, attendance at mass is a very important and rewarding part of being Catholic.   Sometimes, we are called to offer just a little bit more of ourselves in the service of our community.

Long time parishioners, and true giants of community service, Parish Council Past President Sam Ciccolini and Finance Council Vice-Chair Celeste Iacobelli once approached a fellow parishioner with a simple question - "Why not get involved?"

The parishioner responded : "Get involved?   How could I possibly find the time?   What could I possibly offer?   Why me?"

With twinkling eyes and warm smiles, they responded -  "Be not afraid.   Give only what you can.   No matter how small you  perceive your contribution, our parish community will be made better for it".  

BE NOT AFRAID.    St. Margaret Mary Parish Life is enriched by several parish ministries.    

GIVE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN.  Your parish ministries know and understand that life is very busy.   They will not allow your participation to become a burden for you.

YOUR MERE PARTICIPATION MAKES OUR PARISH BETTER.   "Community" is a gathering of people, called together for a common purpose.  The broader the participation, the stronger the community.

This section of our website is dedicated to the Parish Ministries that serve our community beyond the celebration of mass.    

Thank you for your participation.  New faces are always welcome - and the rewards are immeasurable.

May God Bless You!