Church Features

Welcome to St. Margaret Mary Parish!

Stained Glass Window

Located above the main entrance doors and choir loft on the interior, the beautiful border of this stumming stained glass window surrounds the central image depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus appearing before St. Margaret Mary.  The two angels at the side, which were originally located at the top of the window, and relocated to their present positions, glorify St. Margaret Mary as she is receiving Blessings.


Door to the Confessional

This door in clear glass depicts the parable of the Prodigal Son, a symbol of Penitence.


The Good Shepherd

The door between the church and the Sacristy, shows Jesus, the Good Shepherd holding a lamb knocking on the door asking to come in.  It symbolizes that anybody who wants to enter is welcome.  This door was designed and constructed by Joseph Aigner, who also made several other stained glass windows in the church.  This beautiful door as well as the Jubilee doors are constructed out of aluminum to be maintenance free with safety and sound-proof glass in the three door panels


2000 Jubilee Stained Glass Doors

These beautiful stained glass doors, located at the side entrance to the Church, were donated by the Catholic Women's League and the Knights of Columbus in celebration of the year 2000 Jubilee.  The pictures in the doors depict the symbols of the Jubilee year.


Banner of the Risen Christ

Displayed above the alter each year at Easter time, this bright, beautiful banner depicts Jesus, in body and soul, as He rises, both humbly and triumphantly, from the darkness of death to the light of eternal life at His Resurrection.  The smaller Easter banners, also beautifully depicting symbols of our Faith, were painted by Bernadette Mitchell.