Ardorini Missionaries

Welcome to St. Margaret Mary Parish!

The Ardorini are those who belong to A.R.D.O.R. "Associazione Religiosa Degli Oratori Rurali".  This congregation was officially brought to life on December 8, 1928 and was recognized as a "Congregation of Pontifical Right" on June 28, 1943.  The Ardorini Missionaries are officially known as Pii Operai Catechisti Rurali (Pius Workers Rural Catechists).  They are a religious congregation Founded by the Servant of God, Don Gaetano Mauro.



Don Mauro was born in Rogliano, Cosenza, Italy, on April 13,1888.  He followed in the spiritual footsteps of San Francesco de Paola and Don Bosco.  All who were close to Don Mauro felt that they were in the presence of a man of God.  His passion as well as that of his two mentors was to love, form and bring to God the youth of the world.  Both God and the youth understood Don Mauro's precious oratory gift.  Don Mauro was ordained in 1912 and became pastor at Motalto in 1914, and it is in this parish in Italy that he founded the order of the Ardorini.  It is also here in Montalto that he died on December 31, 1969.



The Ardorini Seminary

The Ardorini Missions was first introduced in Toronto in 1974 at St. Lawrence Church in Scarborough through apostolate experiences.  Within 4 years, in 1978, the idea of establishing a parish for the Ardorini community became a reality in the Toronto church of St. Thomas Aquinas.  On April 2, 1992 under the guidance and leadership of our Father Eugenio Filice, who also having come from Montalto, founded and established the Ardorini Seminary here in Woodbridge at 200 Pine Grove Road.  It is today the site for prayer and religious studies.  In 2002 the Ardorini priests adopted St. Margaret Mary as their parish.