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A Different World
Series: Youth Column
Leader: Silvano Dallan
Scripture: N/A
Date: Mar 13th, 2011
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Greetings to all.

I am sending this week's reflection from the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.    What a great experience it's been to have some fun in the sun with my family, my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins.     

Before we left, some friends asked - aren't you afraid?   Be careful.   It's dangerous down there.    

Let me share with you a little about what I've seen.    

The Lord sure created some beautiful things all over the world.    Palm trees swaying gently from a soothing breeze off of the Carribean Sea.      Exotic flowers and tropical plants, lush and full of colour.     Water that is crystal clear, balmy and so inviting.     Sunshine - oh such glorious and warm rays streaming from a sky of neverending cool blue.

Besides the scenery which is spectacular, there is another dimension to my experience here that I thought might be more relevant for this week's column - its about the people.   Such kind, happy and hard working people.     People that say grazias, grazias, grazias all the time with such happy smiles.    People whose livlihoods are dependent on the tourism industry and who are so grateful to those who have chosen to vacation here.

Even more intereresting, I've learned here that Roman Catholicism is not exclusive to Rome or Woodbridge.    It's far reaching and unites us with so many people all around the world.   I came to that realization on Ash Wednesday when guests from Mexico, Canada, the United States, South America and Europe took time from their vacation schedules to participate in an Ash Wednesday service.     Even tomorrow, weekly mass is scheduled overlooking the Carribean Sea with Father George at 1pm.   

From what I can tell, it seems that faith is bundled differently all over the world.   You might think that it would be strongest in developed countries where we have so much to be thankful for.  

With my limited insight into world affairs though, faith seems stronger here among those who have the least but seem so incredibly grateful for it.    

Have a great week.


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